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Quit Now - Smoking Cessation Program
Quit Now is an effective and practical stop smoking program designed to be used by facilitators in group settings or as a self-help program by individuals. The friendly, attractive format is easy to use.

In 1959 when 50% of men in the USA smoked and the link between tobacco and disease was less well understood Dr Wayne McFarland and Elman Folkenberg developed the first group stop smoking program called the 5-Day Plan. The Seventh-day Adventist Church presented the 5-Day Plan world-wide and helped millions of smokers to quit smoking and enjoy a healthier, longer life. It served as a blueprint for many other stop smoking programs and the strategies and concepts have been incorporated in many self-help books and media programs.

Quit Now 7 Steps to Freedom retains many of the successful features of the famous 5-Day Plan. But it also incorporates recent knowledge from smoking cessation research and is built on over 30 years of successful experience in community stop smoking programs. Quit Now was first developed in Australia in 1990 and later updated in 1995 as an international program and introduced to USA and many other countries.

Quit Now is based on the best methods that have been tested and work among different cultures and in various community and health-care settings. In many countries this new program is recognized as the group support program of choice for those smokers who are serious about quitting.

Quit Now is a total lifestyle approach to smoking cessation using all the personal resources you possess – the mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions. The program incorporates effective behavior change strategies designed to replace the smoking habit with new health behaviors. It also serves as a powerful support program for smokers who use nicotine replacement therapies and other pharmacologic interventions. Components of the program deal with stress management and weight control.